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image of a woman with new cheek implantsThere are many types of facial implants available today for correction or enhancement of facial problems. The most common implants are used for enhancement of the chin and cheekbone. Although many materials are also used in the fabrication of facial implants, the majority of the implants Dr. Schneider utilizes are made of an FDA approved solid surgical silicone. Surgical Silicone has a very low infection/rejection rate, and provide a very natural look and feel. Dr. Schneider also utilizes implants for lip enhancement as well as to improve the laugh lines or nasolabial folds. These implants are made of a soft FDA approved PTFe material.

Cheek/Chin Implants

Three categories of cheek implant used by Dr. Schneider are: malar shell, submalar, and combined malar/submalar implant. During your clinical exam Dr. Schneider will discuss the differences between these implants and recommend the right type for the result you are trying to achieve.

Chin implants are available in multiple sizes depending on the defect needing correction.


The surgery for placement of cheek implants can be performed with IV anesthesia in our in-house operating facility. A small incision is made in the mouth and the implants are placed through this incision. Dissolving sutures are placed to close the wound. A fair amount of swelling can be expected, and some patients experience bruising of the cheeks and eyes.

The surgery for placement of chin implants may also be made inside the mouth, but most commonly made in an existing crease under the chin. This approach generally requires sutures that will need to be removed in 5-7 days. Bruising is usually limited to the chin and neck.