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Dr. Schneider takes pride in providing the most natural looking lip enhancements.

Lip enhancement can be performed using a variety of facial fillers and/or implants. Although implants are permanent they do not allow the sculpting aspect available with fillers. Unfortunately, this eliminates Dr. Schneider’s artistic expertise, which make his lip enhancements unique. For this reason Dr. Schneider prefers to utilize filler material for lip enhancement, but does offer surgical placement of implants. The results obtained by fillers can last up to one year, however, after six months diminish to a noticeable extent. Dr. Schneider recommends the lip enhancement be performed every six months to maintain your desired look. Dr. Schneider can perform lip enhancements without pain to the patient by blocking the nerves inervating the lips (Lip enhancement should not be painful). Down time is minimal. Any swelling usually subsides within the first 24hrs.